Empower & Earn as a Take One Tech Affiliate

Share Valuable Knowledge. Inspire Learning. Earn Rewards.

Through Sharing

At the heart of the Take One Tech Affiliate Program lies a simple yet profound principle: empowerment through sharing. I believe that sharing valuable knowledge and resources isn't just about distribution; it's about opening doors, illuminating possibilities, and fostering growth.

Join me in this mission to share & inspire. Together, we can create a ripple effect of knowledge and empowerment, one share at a time.

How It Works - 3 Easy Steps

As an affiliate, you're not just promoting products; you're providing a pathway for others to discover tools and insights that can transform their understanding and capabilities. 

You Share FREE Valuable Content

You gain access to a curated selection of FREE, high-quality resources to share within your network, from insightful PDF guides and mini-courses to comprehensive masterclasses.  

I provide swipe copy, graphics, and sharing strategies, so that spreading the word is effortless. 

They Continue Their Journey

Everything you share is designed to offer immediate value while seamlessly introducing the next steps in their learning journey.

As your referrals discover the depth and quality of Take One Tech content, opportunities for further education through paid courses and programs are naturally presented.

You Earn Up To 30% Commission

Referrals are linked to your account, ensuring that after accessing the free content, any purchase of courses, events, or memberships earns you a commission of up to 30%.

For Academy subscriptions, you enjoy a recurring commission for the duration of their membership.

Our program is designed to make this process of sharing not just rewarding but also deeply fulfilling. By offering valuable content for free, you engage in a genuine act of service, helping your audience navigate their digital journey with confidence and clarity.


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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Anyone is welcome to join the affiliate program, but there are some rules I ask you to agree to in order to participate.

  • You cannot impersonate Take One Tech
  • You must not share your affiliate links for Take¬†One Tech content anywhere within the Take One Tech network (i.e. no posting of Take One Tech links on Take One Tech Live streams, at Take One Tech hosted events, within comments on original Take One Tech posts, within the Take One Tech Discord Server etc...)
  • Your affiliate link must be a clickable link from your own content or marketing materials (please do not simply redirect from a Google advertisement or search engine, for example)
  • URL shorteners like bit.ly or Rebrandly¬†ARE permitted
  • No coupon or deal sites allowed
  • You may not use your own affiliate link to purchase Take One Tech products.¬†¬†

I reserve the right to remove anyone from the affiliate program at any time who is in violation of the above rules.

Frequently Asked Questions