Alec's Story


With a diverse professional background that spans aeronautical engineering, architectural design, web development, mathematical modelling and more, I have dedicated my life to problem-solving and innovation.

My experiences, though varied, share a common thread: using the latest tools and technologies to work efficiently and effectively. 

At Take One Tech, I am committed to providing resources that help you become more productive and efficient in both your business and personal life.

By leveraging my extensive expertise and passion for tech, I aim to inspire and empower you to confidently present yourself and your content online.


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I'm passionate about technology and stay ahead of the curve to enhance efficiency and productivity in all I do.

Problem Solving

I always tackle challenges head-on and relish finding creative and effective solutions for complex problems.

Helping Others

I'm committed to empowering others to succeed in the digital space and realise their full potential.

Take One Tech Origins


Take One Tech was born from a simple idea and a YouTube channel.

While creating course material for various business interests, I found myself frustrated by the time-consuming video editing process. This challenge was made even more difficult when the onscreen talent was none other than myself!

I soon realized that if I could free myself from the constraints of editing and deliver content more conversationally, as if I were explaining it to a friend or colleague, the results would be much more engaging. After all, when discussing a subject I'm knowledgeable about, it flows naturally in conversation.

To practice creating videos without edits, I established the Take One Tech YouTube channel as a testing ground for producing tech tutorials in just one take.

The software that made this possible, and quickly became my favorite, is Ecamm Live. This powerful tool enables the creation of live and recorded videos complete with multiple scenes, transitions, graphical overlays, music, and sound effects—all in one take, with no post-processing. Paired with the Stream Deck from Elgato, all of this can be achieved with just a few button presses!

As the channel's popularity grew, it expanded to other platforms and evolved to encompass more aspects of the tech and productivity world. Before long, I began receiving requests for consultation, coaching services, and more structured training beyond the YouTube video library. This demand led to the development of online courses and, ultimately, the Take One Tech Academy.

Today, Take One Tech offers a comprehensive range of resources, including one-on-one coaching, online courses, and the Academy, to help individuals and businesses unlock their full potential in online communication, presentation, and content creation. Our mission is to help you become more productive, impactful, and professional with tech, so you can confidently present yourself and your content online.

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