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One to one coaching is the fast track to success... you have someone on your side, who understands your needs and can guide you through all the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

I remove the overwhelm, and tell you exactly the steps you need to take and give you all the information you need to succeed.  As Bill, one of my coaching clients, once said, booking his calls with me was like hitting the "Easy Button"! 

You can use the booking form below to book a consultation session with me. I am happy to discuss any tech related issue you may need help with.

Personalised Solutions

Receive tailored advice and strategies based on your unique needs and goals, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Time Savings

Eliminate guesswork and fast-track your progress with expert guidance, saving you valuable time and effort.

Skill Enhancement

Develop and improve your tech skills, enabling you to tackle challenges more effectively and efficiently.

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Discovery Call


Evaluate Your Options
Schedule a 20-minute call with me to discuss your tech challenges and explore how I can assist you in overcoming them. This no-obligation session is an opportunity to get to know my expertise and approach and to see if we're the right fit for your needs. Let's start the conversation!

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Success Session


Achieve Immediate Results
Join me in a one-hour Zoom Success Session, where we tackle your specific tech issues right on the spot. Come with a problem and leave with an immediate solution. This session is about achieving success in real-time and boosting your confidence in your tech capabilities. Let's solve it together!

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Tech Mastery Package


Your Pathway to Tech Excellence
Embark on a transformative tech journey with a block of 10 consultation hours. From solving on-the-spot challenges to implementing comprehensive strategies, this package offers continuous support tailored to your unique needs. Enhance your tech prowess and achieve your goals with expert guidance.

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What Clients Say About My Coaching

LuRae Lumpkin

Growth & Startup Advisor

"Alec is brilliant with tech, audio, video and what can be complicated tech integrations. He’s smart, a clear communicator, and problem solver with uncommon ethics.

I highly recommend him for any needs you may have in his areas of expertise."




Duane Carlisle

Expert Fitness & Wellness Coach

"It's truly been an incredible experience working with Alec. Alec's patience and knowledge surpasses anyone that I've ever worked with in the tech field.

More importantly, it's his ability to understand your needs and then to problem solve and create a solution that's going to help you address whatever issues or desires that you have.

Alec has been an incredible joy to work with."

Mitzi Wyman

Leadership & culture change strategist

"I'm delighted to recommend Alec Johnson - He has helped me the past several months on a wide variety of issue relating to my online business. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and he has helped me with tech support relating to Kajabi, Ecamm Live, Elgato Streamdeck and numerous other issues.

Alec is always very responsive and willing to go that extra mile." 


Bill Cardott

Senior Sales Specialist

"I am not a 'techie' and was grasping at straws trying to learn the skills needed to deliver professional looking online presentations. Alec highlighted a path for my getting there and expertly guided me through the learning process. Alec quickly exceeded my hopes for his initial consultation and those we have had since have made all of the difference in my becoming technically able to deliver those professional online presentations of my dreams."

Looking for Ongoing

Coaching & Education?


With the Take One Tech Academy you can have access to all of the Take One Tech courses, plus certain tiers include bespoke ongoing 1-to-1 coaching programs, plus a range of other learning resources including, live Q&A sessions, live virtual workshops, and access to an exclusive academy community full of driven likeminded people.

It's the best and most cost effective way to elevate your online presence.


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