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Welcome to the Take One Tech resource hub, designed to help you level up your online presence and master the digital stage. Explore our selection of free e-books, insightful PDF resources, and carefully curated affiliate products and services that are tailored to empower your journey in the digital world. Dive in and discover the tools you need to succeed!

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Gain valuable practical skills with comprehensive e-books, tailored to empower you with actionable insights. Enhance your online meetings and and digital content with these must-have resources.

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Actionable Checklists & Templates

Unlock your productivity with this curated collection of practical checklists and templates. Designed to streamline your workflows and maximise your efficiency as you conquer the digital stage.

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Trusted Recommendations

Explore the products and services that I personally use & trust. They have been instrumental in my own digital success, and I'm confident they'll empower you to elevate your online impact.

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The Most Comprehensive Ecamm Live Course...


Completely re-recorded and updated with new content, new sections, new resource es and now a range of 'Quick Start Guides' included to make it even quicker to get up and running with Ecamm Live whatever your use-case... Oh, and did I mention, it's now COMPLETELY FREE?

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The Guides

Get More Customers In 5 Simple Steps

If you’d like to create a lead generation and sales machine that will generate leads for you while you sleep… regardless of the industry you are in, then this is the most important book you'll read today!

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Fast Track Your Course Creation With A.I.

Learn the steps involved in creating, launching and promoting your online course and discover how you can leverage the power of AI every step of the way to drastically reduce the time to monetise your knowledge!

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Dial In Your Zoom Settings For Maximum Impact

If you want to stand out on Zoom, you'll need to have your audio & video settings dialled in. This guide will show you how to get the best results using virtual cameras with Zoom, and get your audio sounding great!

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Get Your Sony ZV1 Setup For Live Streaming

The Sony ZV1 is a versatile and powerful camera and this step-by-step guide is the fast track to getting it setup specifically for Live Streaming. You'll be guided through all the settings that matter for great quality streams.

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The Checklists & Templates

Animated Lower Thirds Keynote Template

Elevate your online meetings, webinars and livestreams with professional animated lower thirds and graphics!

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Ecamm Live


Speed up your workflow with Ecamm Live using this free download of all of the Ecamm Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Scene Layout 


Create great looking scenes in Ecamm Live every time with this easy to use scene layout template.

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Get this free download of my livestream checklist and review before every stream or recording.

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Recommended Products & Services

Below are the products and services that I use day in day out and highly recommend.

I use Ecamm Live for all of my pre-recorded and live videos.  It is also an essential tool in business to level up my Zoom game in meetings and events!

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This website and all of my courses are built on Kajabi. It's also home to my e-mail marketing and sales funnels tools.  It is the best all in one business solution!

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SetApp gives you over 200 awesome Mac utility apps, that will boost your productivity for just one low monthly subscription.  

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I've been using TubeBuddy since my first day on YouTube and it has been invaluable in managing and growing my channel, with too many tools to list here!

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If you need to use music or sound effects in your videos, and don't want to worry about copyright violations look no further than Epidemic sound!

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Camo lets you unlock all of the power of your Mobile Phone Camera and use it as a webcam on your Mac and is the easiest way to level up your Zoom Calls!

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Speedify combines all of your available internet connections to optimise speed, but also give you a fail safe in case one of your connections goes down....  oh, and it's also a VPN! 

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With App Sumo you can get access to some amazing apps for a fixed price that would ordinary be on a subscription model, or simply much more expensive.

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If you work with multiple currencies, I highly recommend Wise. I have both personal and business accounts with them and have found them to be unbeatable on their exchange rates and low transfer fees.

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Convert Kit has been a game changer for me in my e-mail marketing and integrates well with Kajabi while giving me easier control over 'client journeys' once they enter my email database.  I particularly love their 'visual automations' feature.

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Descript is a powerful, all-in-one audio and video editing software designed for creators. It offers intuitive tools for transcription, editing, screen recording, and publishing, making it easy to create professional content.

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I talk a lot about the main tech hardware I use, but rarely mention Ulanzi, and yet it is largely Ulanzi fixtures and fittings that are holding everything together in my studio!  I highly recommend checking out all of their product offerings.

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