Discover the Secrets to Mastering & Monetising Your Digital Stage

Dive into the future of engaging meetings, compelling content, and revenue-generating strategies in this exclusive 4 Day Virtual Event!


4th - 7th November










Don't miss this opportunity to transform your online presence and gain the competitive edge you need to succeed.


Master Your Tech

Learn how to leverage the latest audio, video, and presentation tools to create a stunning online presence, no matter your technical expertise.

Captivate Your Audience

With a focused on practical application and tangible results, it is the ideal launchpad to elevate your online presence and drive success in your business.

Monetise Your Knowledge

This event is just the beginning. Gain ongoing support, resources, and community engagement to ensure your continuous growth and mastery in the digital space.

What You'll Learn

  • Expert techniques to optimise your audio & video setup for crystal-clear communication
  • Master the tech tools that will streamline your workflow and let you focus on delivering engaging content
  • Advanced presentation skills using popular platforms like Ecamm Live, Apple Keynote, and Zoom
  • Tips for creating engaging online content and designing compelling courses
  • Marketing and monetisation strategies to maximise your reach and revenue

"My mission is to help you become more productive, impactful, and professional with tech, so you can confidently present yourself and your content online.


Join me in-person or online for this transformative 4-day event and let's revolutionise the way you communicate and monetise from your digital stage.


I look forward to welcoming you!"

Alec Johnson

What Others Are Saying

"I can't say enough good things about how Alec has elevated my online teaching setup!"

- Kat Dingcong

"Alec's knowledge Surpasses anyone I have ever worked with in the Tech Field"

- Duane Carlisle

"Alec's is incredibly knowledgeable and is always willing to go the extra mile"

- Mitzy Wyman

"Alec expertly guided me along a path to deliver the technical presentations of my dreams"

- Bill Cardott

Why You Can't Afford To Miss This Opportunity

  • A unique¬†learning experience that combines practical demonstrations with in-depth theory, helping you to maximise your impact
  • A focus on both technical excellence and creative expression to help you stand out and succeed in the digital space
  • A powerful, action-oriented curriculum that will equip you with the strategies and skills¬†you'll need¬†to¬†command your digital stage
  • Access to the Take One Tech Academy which provides a wealth¬†of¬†resources and training materials to¬†ensure you can¬†implement what you've learned¬†and achieve lasting results
  • Post-event support and access to an exclusive community for ongoing guidance, collaboration, and networking opportunities

Your Path to Mastery

Discover the Four-Day Experience That Awaits You at the Digital Stage Revolution Event

Saturday 7th - Tuesday 10th October   |   Dallas,TX   |   Zoom

Day 1: Laying the Foundations: Building Your Digital Stage

Kick off the Digital Stage Revolution by immersing yourself in the vibrant world of online presence. Begin your journey with an introduction to the event and a deep dive into the VALUE formula that will guide your digital transformation. Explore the visual, audio, and lighting components of your onscreen environment, tailored to fit both newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.


Day 2: Mastering the Tech: Tools for Digital Excellence

Day 2 is all about mastering the technology that brings your virtual presence to life. Start with a quick recap and then dive into a comprehensive guide to studio gear, live production software, and state-of-the-art content delivery. Learn how to craft immersive presentations and master the tech control that sets you apart in the digital landscape.


Day 3: Implementation: Taking Command of Your Content

Ready to put theory into practice? Day 3 focuses on implementation and execution. Develop invaluable skills in one-take content creation, elevate your online meetings, and gain hands-on experience in running engaging virtual and hybrid events. Whether you're looking to master your content delivery or host unforgettable webinars, Day 3 has something for everyone.


Day 4: Monetisation: Turning Skills into Success

It's time to turn your skills into success. Day 4 is dedicated to monetization and growth. Discover various strategies to monetize content across platforms, create and sell courses, and scale your content creation business. Wrap up with practical guidance and actionable steps that set you on a path to real results.

Your Daily Journey

Each day is carefully structured to maximise your learning, interaction, and enjoyment. Here's what you can expect:

Intro (30 minutes): Start the day with insights and inspiration.

Session 1 (1¬ľ hours): Dive into the day's first transformative lesson.

Break (15 minutes): Refresh and reflect.

Session 2 (1¬ľ hours): Continue your deep dive with more expert guidance.

Lunch (1 hour): Network with fellow attendees and enjoy a delicious meal.

Session 3 (1¬ľ hours): Return for more immersive learning.

Break (15 minutes): Another moment to breathe and digest.

Session 4 (1¬ľ hours): The final session of the day to fortify your understanding.

Wrap-Up (30 minutes): Conclude with a summary and look ahead to what's next.

Evening Networking Dinner The perfect opportunity to forge meaningful connections that last beyond the event.

Unforgettable Evening Networking Dinners

Connect, Engage, and Celebrate in Style!

In the digital age, genuine face-to-face interactions have become all the more valuable.

Those attending in person have the opportunity to attend our exclusive evening networking dinners. Delve into insightful conversations, foster enduring bonds, and create memories that transcend the day's sessions. It's more than just a meal; it's a chance to truly connect, share tales, and maybe even spark future collaborations.

Because at the heart of every successful endeavour lies genuine human connection. Our evening gatherings are where these connections bloom into lifelong friendships.


Are you ready to elevate your online presence, captivate your audience, and create a lasting impact?


Join us at the Digital Stage Revolution Event and transform the way you communicate and monetise your digital stage. Select the in-person experience to dive deep with hands-on learning in Dallas, TX, or opt for the virtual ticket to enjoy the transformative journey from the comfort of your home.

Join Us Virtually on Zoom!

 Can't make it to Dallas? No problem! The Digital Stage Revolution Event is going hybrid, ensuring you can participate and benefit, no matter where you are.

Why Attend Virtually?

  • Convenience: Attend from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Access toContent: Receive recordings of all sessions, ensuring you don't miss out on any valuable insights.
  • Interactive Experience: Engage in Q&A sessions, and other interactive segments designed especially for our virtual audience.
  • Cost-Effective: Save on travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Global Networking: Connect with international participants and broaden your network beyond geographical boundaries.

Don't let distance be a barrier to mastering and monetising your digital stage. Grab your virtual seat today!


Unlock Success with Bonus Access to the Take One Tech Academy

Joining the Digital Stage Revolution event is your ticket to the Take One Tech Academy. This exclusive bonus gives you access to a wealth of resources, from comprehensive courses to one-on-one coaching, all designed to elevate your online presence.

Master the tech tools that drive success with live workshops, Q&A sessions, and engaging community interactions. The Take One Tech Academy is more than just an educational platform; it's your gateway to thriving in the digital landscape.

Stand out, captivate your audience, and take the first step towards your goals. Your journey starts with the Digital Stage Revolution event.


Unlock Exclusive Bonuses

With the Digital Stage Revolution, you not only gain access to the event, but also a range of exclusive bonuses. Each of these extras is designed to further support, inspire, and accelerate your journey to mastering and monetising your digital stage. Discover the additional benefits that await you.

Take One Tech Academy

Your 6 months of Academy Membership gives access to a wealth of training resources and is ready to activate when it suits you. Whether you choose to begin before or after the event, we ensure your journey is tailored to your pace, without any rush or pressure.

Personalised Success with Alec

Schedule a 1-to-1 Success Session with Alec at a time that fits your busy life. This personalised Zoom call is all about your success, providing direct access to expert solutions tailored to your needs and schedule.

Global Connection & Growth

Take part in our Monthly Group Q&A Sessions on Zoom for six months after the event. With two time zone-friendly sessions each day, you're always connected, fostering growth and collaboration with like-minded individuals globally.

Embark On Your Journey to Digital Stage Mastery 

4th-7th November 2023

Your future awaits ‚Äď secure your place ticket today!



Dallas TX

  • In-person event ($2,497)
  • Access to session replays
  • Optional evening networking dinners
  • Ongoing Support with Monthly Group Q&A Sessions
  • Take One Tech Academy Premium Membership¬†($1182 Value)
  • 2¬†Hour 1-2-1 Success session with Alec¬†($500 Value)



You Save $2,682!





  • Live¬†Zoom event ($947)
  • Access to session replays
  • Watch from anywhere in the world!
  • Ongoing Support with Monthly Group Q&A Sessions
  • Take One Tech Academy Professional Membership¬†($582 Value)
  • 1 Hour 1-2-1 Success session with Alec¬†($250 Value)



You Save $832!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


ūüĒć What is the Digital Stage Revolution Event?

The Digital Stage Revolution Event is an exclusive 4-day hybrid experience designed to help individuals and businesses master the art of online presence. From understanding the latest in tech tools to mastering content delivery and monetising digital platforms, this event is a comprehensive guide to thriving in the digital age.

ūüĒć Is this event suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! This event is crafted to cater to both newcomers and seasoned professionals. With a structured curriculum that starts with foundational concepts and progresses to advanced techniques, everyone is sure to gain valuable insights and skills.  Don't forget, you are not doing this alone, as an Academy member, I'll be with you every step of the way as will the rest of the community!

ūüĒć How do I access the Take One Tech Academy resources after the event?

All attendees will receive unique coupon code for 6 months of membership to the Take One Tech Academy.  You can start whenever suits you.   If you want to get a head start, you can activate your membership prior to the event and get access the access to a plethora of resources, including courses, workshops, and Q&A sessions.  Alternatively, you may want to wait and hit the ground running immediately after the event...   Your membership, your choice.

ūüĒć How do I schedule my 1-to-1 success session with you?

All attendees will receive a booking link that will allow you to find a slot in my calendar that suits you .   There is no expiry date on these calls, so feel free to jump right in or take comfort in knowing that I'm just a few clicks away if ever you run into technical difficulty as you start implementing what you have learnt!

ūüĒć Can I switch from a virtual ticket to an in-person ticket later (or vice versa)?

Ticket switches are subject to availability. If you wish to change your ticket type, please contact our support team as soon as possible, and we'll assist you based on the current ticket availability.

ūüĒć What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Virtual tickets are refundable at any time and are also transferable.

In-person tickets are refundable up to two weeks before the event (22nd September). After this period, refunds will not be possible, but you can transfer your ticket to another individual.

Please reach out for any ticket-related queries - I'm here to help!

ūüĒć Will there be any post-event materials or resources available?

Yes, all attendees will have access to session replays. Additionally, there will be ongoing support, resources, and community engagement through the Take One Tech Academy. There will also be dedicated monthly Zoom Q&A sessions just for Digital Stage Revolution attendees to ensure your continuous growth in the digital space after the event.

ūüĒć How will the virtual event be hosted?

The virtual aspect of the event will be hosted on Zoom. Attendees will receive specific login details and guidelines on how to join closer to the event date.

ūüĒć I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

I'm here to assist! Feel free to either schedule a call to discuss the event in more detail or drop me a message below!

Have Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to drop me a mail below...  I'm here to help!

Need Help Deciding?  Let's Talk!

The Digital Stage Revolution event is designed to be a transformative experience for both online and in-person attendees.

If you're unsure whether this event is the right fit for you, your goals, or your business, I'm here to help!

Schedule a no-pressure Zoom call with me, and we'll discuss what you hope to achieve, and how the Digital Stage Revolution event can empower you to achieve those goals.

Your success is my priority, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Schedule Your No-Obligation Conversation Today!