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Completely re-recorded with new content, new sections, new resources and now a range of Quick Start guides included to make it even quicker to get up and running with Ecamm Live whatever your use-case... 

This update also includes full tutorials on the new Ecamm for Zoom Integration that is coming soon!!

Oh, and did I mention, it's now FREE?


Master Ecamm Live

From beginner basics to advanced functions and techniques, this course covers every aspect of Ecamm Live.

Elevate Online Presence

Discover how Ecamm Live can elevate your online presence in meetings and presentations to a professional standard.

Quick Start Guides

Whatever you want to use Ecamm Live for, take advantage of the included quick start guides to get up and running fast!

Kat Dingcong 

Piano Teacher | Podcast Host

"I can’t say enough things about Alec and how he has helped me elevate my online piano teaching set up!!! I am completely IN LOVE with my new set up and how I’m now able to maximise my awesome equipment… It was so easy learning with Alec, he made it fun and enjoyable."

Duane Carlisle

Expert Fitness & Wellness Coach

"Alec's patience and his knowledge surpasses anyone that I've ever worked with in the tech field. But more importantly, it's his application. His ability  problem solve and create a solution that's going to help you address whatever issues you have. "

LuRae Lumpkin

Growth & Startup Advisor

"Alec is brilliant with tech, audio, video and what can be complicated tech integrations. He’s smart, a clear communicator, and a problem solver with uncommon ethics. I highly recommend him for any needs you may have in his areas of expertise."

Andrew Jenkins

High Performance Team Expert

"Alec has an ability to figure out very complicated things  and communicate them in simple step by step ways.  This is a rare and valuable skill.

Alec's work helps entrepreneurs like me and others, to deliver great content."

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