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In 'Imperfect Presence' you will learn to enhance your online communication, command attention in virtual spaces, and overcome perfectionist traps that hold you back.

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About the Author

Alec is a dynamic professional with a diverse background spanning aeronautical engineering, architectural design, web development, and mathematical modelling. His lifelong dedication to problem-solving and innovation has led him to create the powerful VALUE formula, a blueprint to elevate your online impact, which forms the heart of this book.

His professional journey has always revolved around one central principle: leveraging the latest tools and technologies to work efficiently and effectively. This philosophy gave birth to Take One Tech, Alec's brainchild dedicated to providing resources that help individuals and businesses enhance their productivity, impact, and professionalism in the digital world.

Recognised for his extensive tech expertise and passion,Ā Alec aims to inspire and empower readers, sharing the VALUE formula, to confidently present themselves and their content online. He believes in breaking free from perfectionism and embracing an authentic and impactful online presence. Alec's insights are a roadmap for professionals, entrepreneurs, and online novices to master the digital stage and capture the online spotlight.