Unleash Your Productivity with Stream Deck

Master the full range of Stream Deck devices and transform your workflow, presentations and livestreams.


Master Stream Deck

From beginner basics to advanced functionalities, this course covers every aspect of the Stream Deck range.

Boost Your Productivity

Learn how to use Stream Deck as a powerful productivity tool for superior task management and efficient workflows.

Elevate Online Presence

Discover how Stream Deck can elevate your online presence in meetings, presentations and livestreams to a professional standard.

Kat Dingcong 

Piano Teacher | Podcast Host

"I can’t say enough things about Alec and how he has helped me elevate my online piano teaching set up!!! I am completely IN LOVE with my new set up and how I’m now able to maximise my awesome equipment… It was so easy learning with Alec, he made it fun and enjoyable."

Duane Carlisle

Expert Fitness & Wellness Coach

"Alec's patience and his knowledge surpasses anyone that I've ever worked with in the tech field. But more importantly, it's his application. His ability  problem solve and create a solution that's going to help you address whatever issues you have. "

LuRae Lumpkin

Growth & Startup Advisor

"Alec is brilliant with tech, audio, video and what can be complicated tech integrations. He’s smart, a clear communicator, and a problem solver with uncommon ethics. I highly recommend him for any needs you may have in his areas of expertise."

Andrew Jenkins

High Performance Team Expert

"Alec has an ability to figure out very complicated things  and communicate them in simple step by step ways.  This is a rare and valuable skill. Alec's work helps entrepreneurs like me and others, to deliver great content."

Discover What You'll Learn 

The course is split into modules as follows, each containing multiple lessons that have been carefully crafted to lead you along the path to total Stream Deck Mastery and enhanced productivity.

1. Course Introduction

An essential briefing to set your expectations right for the course, introducing the instructor, and presenting an overview of the course content.

2. Introduction to Stream Deck

This section explores the extensive range of Stream Deck devices, their features, and how to select the right Stream Deck for your specific needs.

3. Basic Setup & Orientation

Understand how to install and efficiently navigate through the Stream Deck App and Preferences, setting the foundation for the rest of the course.

4. Understanding Plugins & Actions

Dive deep into the world of Stream Deck plugins and actions, understanding how they enhance the functionality of your device.

5. Organising Your Stream Deck

Learn how to maintain a neat and organised Stream Deck interface using profiles, pages, and folders, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

6. Personalising your Stream Deck

Get creative and make your Stream Deck truly yours. Learn to style text on buttons, create custom icons, and much more.

7. The Ultimate Productivity Tool

Master the use of Stream Deck as a powerful productivity tool, learn how to manage windows, set up workspaces, and integrate other productivity apps.

8. Live streaming & Video production 

Perfect your live streaming and video production skills using Stream Deck, with a focus on software like Ecamm Live and OBS.

9. Elevate Online Meetings & Presentations

Transform your online meetings and presentations into professional, broadcast quality, experiences using Stream Deck.

10. Using Multiple Stream Decks

Learn why and how to use multiple Stream Decks together for increased productivity and better workflows.

11. Stream Deck Preferences

Gain in-depth knowledge of Stream Deck Preferences, learning how to make the most of each tab and ensuring your Stream Deck works just the way you want.

12 Course Resources

Access valuable resources to help you throughout the course, with downloads, recommended software, useful links, and more.

Scale New Heights
With Stream Deck

Remember, each section of the course is carefully designed and sequenced to ensure a comprehensive and easy-to-follow learning experience. You'll not just be learning the functionalities of Stream Deck devices, but how to leverage them in the most efficient ways across various use cases.

Let's unlock your Stream Deck's full potential together!

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