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stream deck May 12, 2023

Elgato has just rolled out the Stream Deck Software Version 6.2. While it might not be a major update, it brings a few enhancements that productivity enthusiasts will appreciate.

One of the standout features of the Stream Deck has always been the ability to launch multiple applications, files, and trigger other automations, like Keyboard Maestro and Moom, all with a single button press. This feature has been instrumental in reducing task friction and streamlining workflows.

However, one piece of the puzzle was missing until now – the ability to efficiently close everything once you've finished. This minor hiccup has been addressed in the 6.2 update with the addition of the 'Close' action. This new feature allows you to shut down apps and files with just as much ease as opening them.

Another exciting feature in this update is the Global Font Settings. This allows you to universally style the text on all your buttons, eliminating the need to adjust them individually.

To get a comprehensive understanding of these and other new features, check out this video where I walk you through the updates:https://youtu.be/5pXaL0JFz3M

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