Mastering Your Online Presence: The Journey of Take One Tech

online presentations video production May 14, 2023

Ever wondered how to truly level up your online presence? Let me share with you the origin story of Take One Tech, a testament to the power of harnessing technology for impactful communication.

While creating course material other business interests, I found myself frustrated by the time-consuming video editing process. This challenge was made even more difficult when the onscreen talent was none other than myself!

I realised that if I could free myself from the constraints of editing and deliver content more conversationally, as if I were explaining it to a friend or colleague, the results would be much more engaging. After all, when discussing a subject I'm knowledgeable about, it flows naturally in conversation.

To practice creating videos without edits, I established the Take One Tech YouTube channel as a testing ground for producing tech tutorials in just one take, though a lot of my YouTube audience does not realise that my videos are all 'one take' productions!

The software that made this possible is Ecamm Live. This powerful tool enables the creation of live and recorded videos complete with multiple scenes, transitions, graphical overlays and sound effects—all in one take, with no post-processing. Paired with the Stream Deck from Elgato, all of this can be achieved with just a few button presses!

The ease of production meant that there was significantly less friction involved in getting the content out there. During my first year on YouTube I was releasing a new video almost every day.

There was another benefit to all of this live production practice, though. It meant I could apply the exact same skills in my online meetings for my other business interests. Having good audio and video in Zoom and Teams meetings already sets you apart, but being able to rock up with a full on production for your meetings simply blows people's minds!

So taken was I by the tools I was using that they became the primary focus of the channel, with the majority of my videos being about Ecamm & Stream Deck. As the channel's popularity grew, it evolved to encompass more aspects of the tech and productivity world and has now expanded far beyond just a YouTube video library.

Today, Take One Tech offers a comprehensive range of education resources. My mission is to help you become more productive, impactful, and professional with tech, so you can confidently present yourself and your content online. Through the Take One Tech Academy I help individuals and businesses unlock their full potential in online communication, presentation, and content creation.

So if you'd like to enhance your online presence, boost your productivity, and elevate your professional image, discover the Take One Tech Academy and start your journey to mastery today.

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