Stream Deck for Productivtiy

Unlocking Productivity: The Hidden Potential of Stream Deck in Work Life

productivity stream deck Jun 24, 2023

Productivity is a game of seconds. Small time-savings accumulate into significant gains in the long run, far surpassing the benefits of occasional big wins. It's often the subtle, almost unnoticed friction involved in setting up for work, or switching between different modes of operation that subtly erodes our efficiency. 

This is where Elgato Stream Deck steps in. It is a powerful tool that's much more than a trusty sidekick for streamers. It's a secret weapon for professionals of all kinds, subtly eliminating micro-frictions and shaving precious seconds off your workflows, to supercharge your productivity overall.

For those unacquainted, Stream Deck is a customisable input device for your computer with magical powers! You can program its keys to perform a multitude of functions, ranging from opening an app, website, or document, to executing multi-actions that carry out an intricate series of tasks. It's akin to having a personal assistant streamlining your workflow at the press of a button, saving you precious time. Its super powers are amplified when paired with productivity and automation apps like Keyboard Maestro, Text Expander and Moom.

Imagine starting your workday. You open your email client, project management tool, and maybe a music app. With Stream Deck, you can automate this process with a single button. And think about managing your digital workspace. How many times do you switch between apps, resize windows, or hunt down hidden tabs? Stream Deck can handle this, arranging your windows for optimal workflow via Moom, or switching between apps even entire work setups with a single keypress.

Truth be told, just leveraging four built-in functions (open/close, hotkey, multi-action) of Stream Deck can completely revolutionise your workflow and is worth the price of entry for that alone. However the Stream Deck Eco system boasts a vast library of plugins and additional actions that enable native integration with the software you interact with daily, such as Zoom and Teams. Moreover, Stream Deck interfaces with home automation services like IFTTT, enabling you to command your smart home devices directly from your desk, underscoring its wide-reaching practicality.

Why not leverage this technology to make your work life easier? Start thinking beyond conventional uses and explore how Stream Deck can revolutionise your productivity.

For those interested, I've put together a comprehensive masterclass in which you'll discover how to turn your Stream Deck into the ultimate productivity powerhouse.

Curious to find out more? Check out the Stream Deck Masterclass now and let's unlock Stream Deck's hidden potential together.

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